Pastor Stan Moore

Pastor Stan Moore and his wife, Geri, have been married for 54 years. They have 4 sons in the ministry. Pastor Stan was a school coach and teacher here in South Florida. He and Pastor Geri met the Lord Jesus in 1975. While teaching a Sunday School class in their church, God began giving them insight into His Word and teaching them about the abundant life. The truths that God was revealing to Pastors Stan and Geri did not line up with the denominational Sunday School Manual, so they left the church in order to follow what God was teaching them.

During the last half of the 70's, Pastors Stan and Geri started a Friday night Bible study in their living room and a Friday morning ladies' Bible study around the dining room table.

Then in 1981, Pastors Stan and Geri attended Rhema Bible Training Center. Between the years of 1979 - 1982 five other family members attended as well. In 1982, Words of Life began meeting in the living room of the Moore home.

Pastor Stan has a unique way of teaching Christians how to live by God's Kingdom principles. He is often asked by pastors to bring his special style of teaching to their church. Pastor Stan has spoken at both Kenneth Hagin's Camp Meetings and Holy Ghost Meetings. He has also spoken to the Rhema Bible Training Center graduating class and to churches across the US and Canada. His heart goes out for the needs of pastors. He loves to encourage pastors and their congregations to persevere and pursue the highest call of God for their lives. We in South Florida are blessed to have Pastor Stan's anointed teaching, love and dedication to us, and for neighboring communities and cities.