Pastor Geri Moore

Pastor Geri Moore is involved in many aspects of the ministry. Her anointing and diverse talents are evidenced in many areas of service. She is greatly blessed as the praise and worship leader. If you will "enter in" with your whole heart, Pastor Geri's leadership will gently bring you directly to the throne room of God where you will encounter Him in a fresh, vibrant, moving and powerful way.

Another area in which you will see and enjoy of her many talents is in the beauty of the church and grounds. God has greatly used her interior design abilities to make this one of the most beautiful churches in our area. If you live in our area, be sure to visit during the Christmas season. The entire church is a magnificent display of all the wonder of Christmas. In fact, the church is becoming known throughout the city for its outstanding Christmas display. The objective of extensive and beautiful Christmas decorations is to teach of the awesome benevolence and giving heart of our Father God to the congregation and passers-by at a time when most non-believers are extra sensitive to the gentle movement of the Spirit of God.

Pastor Geri is also an excellent teacher of the Word. Her emphasis is in the baptism, gifts and workings of the Holy Ghost as well as women's issues and faith.