About Us

Welcome to the Words of Life Fellowship Church website. We're glad you dropped in. Words of Life is a spirit-filled, family oriented church, which began in the home of Pastor Stan and Geri Moore in 1982.

Upon graduation from Rhema Bible Training Center, Pastor Stan and Geri returned to Miami and were instructed by the Lord to start "where you are with what you have." "What do we have?" they thought. "You have your house," the Lord answered. Thus, Words of Life Fellowship Church began in Pastor Stan and Geri's living room. When they outgrew their living room, they rented the auditorium at a local junior high school. Before long, the Moores knew that it was time to find a building of their own. Their search led them to an abandoned television production studio, close to I-95, and they knew this was to be the home of Words of Life Fellowship Church.

From a natural standpoint, it didn't look like a congregation of 40 could support this new building. However, the Lord told Pastor Stan that his vision was too small. Grabbing hold of these words, the pastors made a decision that there would be no more small thinking, and that they would certainly trust God to meet all their needs. And He did! "From the day we moved in, we have never seen an unpaid bill or lack in this ministry. With our confidence in Him, we always win!" says Pastor Stan.

The vision grew, and the congregation grew until they were bursting at the seams. Once again, it was time to look for a new building. After considering several options, it became clear to Pastor Stan and Geri that the church's new home would be the building right next door. With a membership of only 400, and because they did not allow small thinking, they were able to move into the 53,000 square foot building, which now houses Words of Life Fellowship Church, the bookstore and the church offices. The old building became the Children's Ministry Building, which once again is bursting at the seams. In addition, they were able to purchase five acres of prime property, which later became the church parking lot.

Today Words of Life also owns the property adjacent to the church which will become the new Children's Ministry building. "We are very excited about what the Lord is doing in Miami," said Pastor Stan. "Our mission, 'touching hearts, changing lives, and making an eternal difference' propels us to continue here. There are many to be reached in this area, and we will remain here to meet their needs. He, (the Lord) who began a good work in Words of Life Fellowship Church and Miami will continue until the day of Christ. To Him be all the glory!"